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Do dental implants look natural?

Jun 26, 2023implants

Do dental implants look natural?

It has been observed that people often respond positively to individuals who smile. Having a healthy and attractive smile can lead to positive outcomes such as increased happiness and better decision-making. Unfortunately, missing teeth, discolored teeth due to genetics, smoking, or cavities with fillings can cause self-consciousness and lead to individuals feeling judged for their dental health conditions. Having a full, healthy smile can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With the use of dental implants, it is now possible to achieve this goal.

It is likely that the presence of the titanium implant will appear natural following the removal of any damaged teeth (if present). Bear in mind that this process involves the extraction and replacement of teeth with a titanium implant. Once the implant has fused successfully with the jawbone, the dentist can move forward with securing the dental crown – the visible portion of the implant that resembles a natural tooth.

Having a missing tooth replaced can lead to an unfamiliar sensation in the mouth, such as stiffness, over-filling and rigidity. For those who have been living with a missing tooth for some time, it may be a disorienting experience to have that empty socket filled again. Dentists strive to ensure that dental implants appear as natural and aesthetically pleasing as possible and fit comfortably within the contours of the mouth and face. It is essential to prioritize the look of dental implants over how they may feel, as this tends to be the primary reason customers seek out this treatment plan.


Making dental implants look natural

Dental implant restorations are typically created with aesthetically pleasing, tooth-colored porcelain. In addition to the shape and color of the replacement teeth, careful consideration of the surrounding structures beneath the gums is an essential factor in ensuring a natural appearance.

Dental restorations connected to dental implants offer a variety of benefits compared to traditional dentures, including reduced risk of the common issues associated with regular dentures. These dental restorations can be designed to look incredibly natural and realistic, which can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Patients are not limited in terms of food options due to the jawbone implants, as they provide adequate support for chewing whatever desired.
  • The denture is designed to stay securely in its position, without affecting speech, or one’s ability to smile.
  • Based on the design of the implant restoration, it may not be necessary to remove the replacement teeth.

Implant dentures offer a more natural appearance compared to regular dentures due to their requirement of less plastic in order to remain securely in position, and not directly rest on the gums. Additionally, support from dental implants prevents jawbone and gum deterioration, which can have an adverse effect on structural facial integrity.

When patients visit the dental office to address a case of missing teeth, they will be informed about the available treatment options and what to expect during the procedure. The dentist will take the necessary time to carefully design the implant dentures, in order to not only restore dental functions, but also provide the patient with an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking smile.


What changes should you expect from having implants?

Having dental implants can help to create a fuller face. The additional teeth in the jaw can help provide strength and intensity to facial features. Implants work similarly to natural teeth, providing volume to the jaw and separating the top and bottom layers of teeth. It is important to be realistic when expecting results from a visit to the dentist. Do not anticipate that your teeth will be significantly whitened in one visit; rather, be prepared for the possibility of busyness at the office, and understand that implants may take a considerable amount of time, likely months, to complete. In order for the implant to be successfully placed, it is essential that the jaw is in good health. Once this condition is confirmed, the implant must be securely embedded into the jawbone before the implants are crafted and fitted, restoring an attractive and confident smile.

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