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Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Periodontists in Redlands are specialists in the treatment of periodontal disease and can provide you with the best possible care. While some general dentists may treat less serious cases, many will refer their patients to a periodontist for more complex cases. While general dentists may perform some dental implant procedures, many will refer patients to periodontists for more difficult cases. The goal of periodontics is to ensure that your smile remains healthy and your teeth are in their proper place. If you have concerns about your oral health, it’s important to consult with a qualified dental professional. They will be able to evaluate your individual situation and offer specific advice and treatment options.

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Periodontics in Redlands, CA

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gum and bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontists are dental experts who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. They also have experience placing dental implants. Periodontal diseases are those that affect the gums and other supporting structures of the teeth. They are caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Tartar is a hardened form of plaque. If plaque and tartar are not removed, they can lead to gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, which is a more serious form of the disease that can damage the bone and other supporting structures.

What are the Signs of Gum Disease?

If you experience redness, swelling, or bleeding of your gums on a regular basis, you may have gum disease. Gum disease is a common condition that can be caused by various factors, such as eating tough or acidic foods, aggressive brushing, or poor oral hygiene.

Periodontics Redlands, CA

If you think you may have gum disease, please consult your dentist for an evaluation. As gum disease progresses, it can cause bad breath, loose teeth, pain while chewing, sensitive teeth, or teeth that appear longer. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to serious problems with your oral health. If you’re concerned about the health of your gums, we recommend scheduling a dental visit. Our team can assess your individual needs and provide personalized recommendations.

  • Swollen, tender or bleeding gum: If you have swollen, tender or bleeding gums, it’s important to see a dentist or periodontist right away. These can be signs of periodontal disease, which is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss. With early diagnosis and treatment, you can help prevent further damage to your gums and teeth.

  • Loose teeth: One of the most common problems that periodontists treat is loose teeth, which can be caused by a number of factors including gum disease, tooth decay, and trauma. In order to treat loose teeth, periodontists may recommend a number of different treatments depending on the underlying cause. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to stabilize the teeth and gums.

There is a strong link between medical problems and oral health. Poor oral health can lead to serious medical problems, such as infections, heart disease, stroke, and premature birth. Medical problems can also make it difficult to care for your teeth and gums.

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Periodontal treatment options

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If you are experiencing receding gums, it is important to consult with a periodontist as this could be indicative of gingivitis or periodontitis. These conditions can cause damage to your gums and teeth, so it is important to seek professional treatment. A gum graft may be recommended in order to restore the affected area. This involves taking tissue from another part of the mouth and using it to cover the exposed root. With proper care and treatment, it is possible to improve your oral health and prevent further damage. A healthy gum line is important for preventing tooth decay, reducing sensitivity and pain, and improving your smile.

A periodontist can also perform other surgical treatments, such as:

  • Laser treatments: Laser treatments show much promise for the future of periodontics. They are minimally invasive, have a low risk of complications, and can be used to treat a variety of periodontal conditions. While more research is needed to determine the long-term effects of laser treatments, they offer a safe and effective option for patients looking for an alternative to traditional periodontal treatments.
  • Regenerative procedures: Regenerative procedures in periodontics are still in their infancy, but they offer great potential for the future of periodontal health. These procedures provide a way to replace lost tissue and restore function, and they hold promise for the treatment of a variety of periodontal diseases. As research continues, it is likely that these procedures will become more widely available and more effective. If you are considering a regenerative procedure, be sure to consult with a qualified periodontist to see if it is right for you.
  • Scaling and Root planing (SRP): Teeth scaling and root planing might take more than one dental visit, depending on the severity of chronic periodontal disease and if there is gum recession. Scaling removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline. Root planing smoothes the tooth root and helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup in the future.
  • Oral irrigationDental irrigation is an effective way to remove plaque, bacteria, and other toxins from the small spaces between teeth and under the gumline. This helps to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Periodontal maintenance is the ongoing process of controlling gum infections by performing regular deep cleanings (for 3-4 months depending on the severity of the conditions). Arestin (antibiotic) may also be prescribed in conjunction with the period treatment to treat the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. Some types of periodontal disease can be highly destructive, preventing such dental conditions is vital to maintaining overall health.

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