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Wisdom Teeth Pain: Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In And It Hurts

Sep 11, 2023Oral health, oral surgery

What causes Wisdom Teeth Pain?

It is strongly advised to get a professional evaluation if you experience pain in your wisdom teeth. There are several factors that can contribute to this type of discomfort, and in most cases, it is recommended to consider removing the problematic wisdom teeth.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a common practice, as many people lack adequate space for their growth, which can result in tooth impaction or misalignment. While there may be various reasons behind the decision to remove them, it is noteworthy that wisdom teeth usually do not cause discomfort unless there are underlying issues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Extraction of wisdom teeth is the most effective solution for resolving any issues pertaining to them and averting potential complications. Nevertheless, if one is already facing discomfort due to their wisdom teeth, it is imperative to seek natural remedies to alleviate the pain until the appointment with the dentist.

5 Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain:

  • Growing Pains: It is plausible that the discomfort you are experiencing in relation to your wisdom teeth could be attributed to their emergence. The eruption of these teeth can result in pain, minor inflammation and tenderness upon breaking through the gum tissue.
  • Cavity: The proximity of wisdom teeth to adjacent teeth is often hindered by limited space. This confined area poses a challenge for proper oral hygiene, ultimately leading to a higher probability of cavities formation in the area.
  • Impacted Tooth: In the event that a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, it may result in swelling, discomfort while biting or chewing, jaw pain and hindered mouth opening.
  • Cyst Development: The formation of a cyst, due to the impact of wisdom tooth on its follicle, can lead to excruciating pain and damage in both the tooth and jawbone.
  • Gum Disease: Wisdom teeth are more prone to developing gum disease due to their challenging location and limited space that makes cleaning them a difficult task.


How to temporary self-treat for wisdom tooth pain?

It is common for wisdom tooth pain to subside on its own after a certain duration. However, there are a few measures that can be taken to alleviate the discomfort while you wait for your dental appointment.

The easiest temporary remedy is to consume painkillers to ease the pain. Maintaining proper oral hygiene around the wisdom tooth is crucial for expediting the healing process. It is recommended to brush around the affected area with a gentle hand, despite any discomfort you may feel. Alternatively, utilizing a warm saline mouthwash or medicated mouthwash specifically crafted for gum problems can also prove beneficial.

It is possible for the infection to become more severe, leading to facial swelling and difficulty in swallowing. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to help fight tooth infection.

In order to avoid long-term issues, it may be necessary to consider the removal of your wisdom teeth if they are causing frequent problems.

Listed below are several methods to alleviate pain arising from wisdom teeth:

Cold Compress/Ice: Applying a cold compress or ice pack can provide temporary relief from the pain in your jaw.

Ibuprofen/Aspirin: Ibuprofen is a highly effective medication that provides excellent pain relief for wisdom tooth pain. It not only provides relief from severe pain but also reduces inflammation and swelling. It is recommended to take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or aspirin to manage the pain, but caution must be exercised to avoid exceeding the suggested daily dose.

Benzocaine: Numerous brands of benzocaine-based mouth numbing gels are available in the market. It is viable to use any benzocaine-containing product for alleviating the pain in your gums, including Baby Orajel.

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