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Does Chewing Gum Burn Calories?

Feb 19, 2024Oral health

Does Chewing Gum Burn Calories?

Does chewing gum really have the ability to burn calories and help with weight loss? The question has been asked for a long time, raising doubts about its claims.

Chewing gum is believed to have the potential to burn calories through the energy expended during the chewing process. However, the caloric burn is relatively low. Scientific investigations have shown that the average person burns approximately 11 calories per hour while chewing gum. The impact of chewing gum on weight loss is unlikely due to the low number of calories it contains compared to other gum types, which range from 5 to 10 calories per piece. The impact of chewing gum on weight loss is minimal.

Furthermore, it is common for people to compensate for the calories burned while chewing gum by eating more food later on. Additionally, chewing gum can potentially increase hunger, leading individuals to snack or overeat. These behaviors can cancel out any potential calorie-burning benefits associated with chewing gum.

Chewing a piece of gum can provide certain benefits like freshening breath, reducing stress, and promoting oral health; however, it should not be relied upon as a method for weight loss. The most effective ways for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are still centered around having a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

In conclusion, gum chewing has a minimal impact on burning calories, therefore it is not an effective weight loss strategy. Instead, it is recommended to prioritize a balanced diet and regular physical activity, as these have long-term benefits for weight management and overall well-being.

May help reduce hunger and decrease cravings

Chewing has the potential to decrease hunger, create a feeling of fullness, and reduce cravings, particularly for indulgent snacks.

According to a recent study, chewing gum can have the same effect as consuming a calorie-rich drink in reducing hunger and cravings after a 10-hour fast.

During a separate investigation, a group of individuals were instructed to chew sugar-free gum for thirty minutes following a meal. Participants who chewed gum reported a sense of satisfaction after just five minutes, while those who did not chew gum did not report the same feeling.

Furthermore, a recent evaluation of 15 research studies, including 5 specifically investigating the act of chewing gum, suggests that chewing may stimulate the release of specific gut hormones. As a result, this hormonal response may help decrease appetite and reduce food consumption.

However, not all studies have produced similar results. Therefore, it is possible that chewing gum may not provide benefits in reducing hunger or managing food intake for every person.

Studies have found that chewing gum may decrease a person’s desire to eat fruit, potentially affecting the nutritional value of their diet.


Greater Calorie Benefits

If you do not chew gum for the majority of your waking hours or if your energy balance fluctuates, burning 11 calories per hour will not have a significant impact on weight management. Incorporating gum into your diet may help reduce calorie intake. Researchers have found that individuals who chewed gum for at least 45 minutes after meals reported decreased feelings of hunger compared to those who did not chew gum. Additionally, the study found that individuals who chewed gum had a decreased desire for snacks. Similarly, a study published in the journal mentioned earlier in 2007 found that people who chew gum after lunch tend to consume about 36 fewer calories during snack time compared to those who do not chew gum. Furthermore, the study also revealed that individuals who chew gum tend to have a decreased craving for sugary snacks.

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