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Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

Apr 22, 2024Orthodontics

Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

Individuals with braces can still enjoy chewing gum, but it is important to consider certain factors. When selecting a gum, make sure it is sugar-free and does not contain any ingredients that may be harmful to your braces. You have the choice of selecting sugar-free options like Orbit sugar-free or Trident sugar-free.

These two brands have soft and sugar-free qualities, making them a great option for children who wear braces to ensure their safety. To minimize the risk of causing damage to your braces and wires, it is recommended to chew gum in smaller portions and with caution.

What Kind of Gum Is Good for Teeth?

According to ADA guidelines, the use of sugar-free gum can have positive effects on oral health. Chewing sugar-free gum increases salivary flow velocity by ten times, and the effect is enhanced when using gum with different flavors and sweeteners. The increased saliva flow rate helps eliminate acids that can damage your enamel, promotes natural remineralization in the enamel, and creates a protective layer to prevent erosion.

For the safety of your oral health and to ensure your gum purchase is sugarless gum, look for the ADA-accepted seal on the packaging. The ADA grants this prestigious seal to sugar-free gum brands that have proven, through extensive laboratory or clinical studies, that their products are completely safe for the delicate tissues in your mouth.

How Does Chewing Gum Affect Braces?

What is the reason for not being able to chew gum while wearing braces? It is important to educate children about the potential risks of chewing gum.

Simply providing information about the cost of braces is not enough. It is important for individuals to understand the negative effects by connecting them to something that will have a significant impact on them. There are several instances that include:

Pain and Discomfort: If a child has gum stuck in their braces or bent brackets, it is likely to cause discomfort. This discomfort not only causes soreness but also leads to more serious long-term issues.

Tooth Decay: The presence of sugar in chewing gum may increase the risk of tooth decay for individuals with braces. This occurs because the sugary foods tends to get stuck around the braces, leading to the development of cavities. As a result, this has the potential to lead to future pain and discomfort.

Saliva Production: People with braces can experience advantages that are beneficial. Wearing braces can increase the amount of saliva in your mouth, which can help with digestion and prevent dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay.

Are there any advantages to chewing gum while wearing braces?

In the past, individuals with braces were not allowed to chew gum, but orthodontists now recognize certain benefits that chewing gum can provide. Studies have shown that chewing gum can increase saliva production, leading to improved oral hygiene by sanitizing and rinsing away plaque and leftover food particles. A scientific study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics presents evidence supporting these findings.

What are the recommended steps for removing gum from braces?

To remove stuck gum from your braces, avoid applying too much pressure or brushing forcefully. Instead, use a soft toothbrush to gently brush the affected area and remove as much gum as possible. Afterwards, use dental floss to remove any remaining pieces of gum. To remove any remaining particles, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or warm water.

While it is recommended to avoid chewing gum while using braces and Invisalign, there are certain measures that can be taken to ensure safe gum chewing. If you choose to chew gum, it is recommended to opt for sugarless gum and limit the time to a few minutes after meals. It is important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly after chewing gum. If gum becomes stuck in your braces, it is important to notify your orthodontist. By thoroughly inspecting your wires and brackets, they will check for signs of misalignment or any debris such as gum stuck in the brackets.

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