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Can A Dentist Pull An Infected Tooth?

Jan 2, 2024Oral health, oral surgery

Can A Dentist Pull An Infected Tooth?

It is possible for a dentist to perform a tooth extraction if it is infected. The success of this procedure depends on the severity of the condition. If the dental abscess is deeply rooted around the infected tooth, the dentist may suggest alternative treatments instead of extraction. The treatment options include draining the pus from the abscess and prescribing antibiotic medication.

Dentists opt for prescription medications because they have the ability to effectively reduce infection when taken regularly. As a result, when the severity of the infected tooth decreases, the extraction procedure becomes safe and straightforward.

By draining the abscess in the same manner, one can prevent serious consequences. This action prevents bacteria from spreading to nearby teeth, thus avoiding contamination.


What Causes a Tooth Infection?

The emergence of a tooth infection is generally caused by the growth of bacteria in your tooth or gums. Bacteria can enter your teeth through a crack or fissure, causing cavities to form. Additionally, as the cavity worsens, the bacteria gradually eat away at the enamel, going deeper into the dentin, and eventually reaching the pulp.

When bacteria enters the inner layers of your tooth, including the nerves and connective tissues, the situation becomes more serious. In certain situations, if the bacterial impact is deeply embedded, dentists may choose not to immediately remove it.


Understanding Dental Infections

Oral distress caused by dental infections can be a challenging experience. These infections occur when bacteria decide to overstay their welcome in your mouth. Here are some common types of dental infections to be aware of:

An abscessed tooth is a small pocket of pus that forms at the base of your tooth due to bacterial activity. On the other hand, gum disease occurs when bacteria and plaque build up, causing your gums to become inflamed.


How to Spot an Infected Tooth

When an infection is detected, it is important to contact a dentist immediately. Taking immediate action will slow down the progression and deterioration of the infection. Another effective approach is to rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution, as it has antibacterial properties. It is important to be aware and vigilant for any signs of dental abscess. Please pay close attention to any changes in your oral health, especially the following symptoms:

  • Excessive tooth sensitivity
  • Throbbing pain around a tooth
  • Pain radiating towards the bones of your jaw, neck, or ear
  • High fever
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  • Pain affects the ability to bite or chew properly
  • Cheeks and neck are swollen
  • Lymph nodes located near the lower part of the jaw are enlarged.
  • Bad Breath
  • Pus leakage


The Risks of Ignoring Dental Infections

Untreated dental infections can lead to serious complications if not dealt with promptly. An untreated abscessed tooth can lead to a tooth extraction. However, there is much more to discover. The infection can spread to nearby areas of the body, leading to serious health issues.

Imagine a sequence of events that can have negative effects on someone’s health and safety, similar to a chain reaction of falling dominos.

Furthermore, the presence of gum disease can lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss, increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Do not delay until it is too late. By taking proper care of your teeth, they will respond positively.

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