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How to pull out a tooth

Apr 3, 2023Oral health

How to pull out a tooth

Many individuals often overlook the importance of caring for their baby teeth, especially when a permanent tooth is beginning to grow or when a baby tooth is loose. It is important to note that there are proper ways to extract baby teeth. Additionally, adults should not attempt to remove their own permanent teeth.

Regardless of any home remedies you attempt, self-extraction of a tooth will likely be painful. However, if you visit the dentist for extraction, they will use local anesthetics to ensure the area is completely numb.

It is not necessary to visit the dentist for baby teeth (primary teeth). These are intended to fall out in order to accommodate the growth of permanent adult teeth (secondary teeth). Generally, this process takes place when children reach 6 or 7 years of age. It is a common practice for parents and children to make an enjoyable activity out of the process of removing a loose baby tooth.

It is not advisable to pull out one’s own adult teeth, as doing so may lead to a number of dental health complications. These may include:

Safely Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth

If your child desires for you to assist them with the extraction of their tooth, there are safety precautions that can be taken to ensure a successful and painless process. Begin by ensuring your hands are washed thoroughly. With a clean tissue, securely grasp the tooth and gently wiggle it back and forth until it becomes loose enough to remove without discomfort. If necessary, gently twist the object and it should easily be removed.

A baby tooth that is ready to shed may not cause any bleeding, however if there is, applying firm pressure with a clean gauze pad to the site should suffice. Ensure that no pieces of the baby tooth are left behind by inspecting the mouth. If your children is suffering from prolonged pain or redness, it is imperative to contact their dentist immediately to ensure the area is not infected.

It is common for children to be excited about losing teeth, however, it is generally recommended that teeth only be removed when they come out naturally. If you are uncertain as to when your child’s tooth is ready to come out, please do not hesitate to contact the dentist for assistance.


Why you don’t pull out an adult tooth at home

It is fine to pull out baby teeth at home due to the distinctions between them and adult teeth. However, attempting to do so can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Two of these include:

  • There is no tooth attempting to erupt beneath them.
  • Their roots are deeply embedded in the jawbone, making them long-lasting.

There is no tooth erupting below

Adult teeth are permanent and do not have a successor tooth erupting to replace them after they are removed. In comparison, baby teeth typically have a corresponding permanent tooth already emerging underneath, which can take its place once the baby tooth is extracted.

As the newly erupted tooth below the primary teeth develops, its presence may cause the roots of the baby teeth to resorb and shorten. As a result, these teeth may become looser as their roots further shorten due to the eruption of the new tooth.

Teeth with long roots are embedded in the jawbone

Adult teeth are permanent and do not face the same pressure as baby teeth, which often have a tooth below them trying to erupt. As a result, adult teeth retain their full length of roots that are embedded into the jaw.

It is essential to recognize that trauma can cause permanent teeth roots to shrink, resulting in loose teeth. It is natural for the root of baby teeth to be shortened due to their proximity to the erupting adult tooth beneath it. As the roots of a tooth shrink, there is less engagement with the underlying bone, resulting in a loosening of the tooth.

An analogy to consider is one of a tree planted into the ground. The deeper the tree is planted, the more stable it will be. Conversely, if the tree is not deeply rooted, it will be incredibly vulnerable and could easily be toppled over with minimal effort.

Adult teeth are not as easily removed as baby teeth because they lack the supportive roots and embeddedness in the bone that help make baby teeth sturdier. As the roots of adult teeth start to shrink, the teeth become increasingly loose and wiggly, making it more difficult to remove them at home.


What Happens When You Pull a Tooth?

If you attempt to extract a tooth by yourself, you may put yourself at risk of developing an infection or leaving the area open to further injury. Usually, adult teeth only need to be removed when there is an issue with the oral cavity. Once the tooth is extracted, it may provide temporary relief from discomfort; however, the infection and decay may spread beyond the affected area. It is important to monitor for any changes that could indicate lingering health concerns.

In order to avoid further damage to your mouth, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a dentist to remove the tooth. Luckily, many insurance providers offer dental coverage, so you won’t have to worry about paying costly amounts for this procedure. If you do not have dental insurance, many dentists offer payment plans that may be suitable for your needs and budget.

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