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How to get rid of braces stains?

Jul 31, 2023Oral Hygiene, Orthodontics

How to get rid of braces stains?

Having braces makes it difficult to remove plaque build-up. The formation of plaque is attributed to the consumption of food and beverages that create an adhesive film on the teeth. Typically, the accumulation of plaque occurs behind the wires of the traditional braces and in the vicinity of the brackets fixed onto the teeth.

The progression of plaque build-up over time can lead to the formation of calculus or tartar, manifesting as brownish or yellow discoloration. The presence of tartar aggravates dehydration in teeth, leading to demineralization that causes damage to tooth enamel and the appearance of white spots on the surface. If left untreated, cavities may develop as a result.

Numerous techniques exist to whiten stained teeth that have been discolored due to braces. By assessing the nature of these stains, you can determine the most suitable approach for yourself. In situations where the area appears to be deteriorating and losing color, minor blemishes can be eliminated by polishing. Alternatively, remnants of cement from braces removal may still be apparent on the teeth. To achieve a consistent shade of whiteness for your perfectly aligned teeth, it is advisable to seek expert consultation from a skilled dentist.

Ways to Get Rid of Braces Stains

Below are two effective methods for managing dental discoloration post-braces:

  • Microabrasion: Dental microabrasion is a technique that employs the use of pumice and diamond for polishing stained teeth. This procedure is performed by a dentist and involves the elimination of brace stains by abrading the enamel, the outermost layer of the teeth. The result of this polishing and abrasion process is the exposure of a new, brighter, and blemish-free enamel layer.
  • Teeth Whitening: A range of teeth whitening solutions can be conveniently purchased over the counter or via the internet, including toothpastes and strips. These products are designed to effectively diminish the severity of discoloration and enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. Seeking teeth whitening from a licensed dentist offers more benefits compared to using store-bought whiteners.


3 Reasons of Why Stains Appear on Your Braces

Pigmented Foods and Beverages

The absorption of colored food molecules, otherwise known as pigments, by the tooth enamel may lead to discoloration over a period of time. Bracket placement on teeth results in limited enamel coverage, thereby increasing the likelihood of color change in the surrounding areas. It is advisable to maintain good oral hygiene after consuming food and beverages with highly pigmented constituents when undergoing orthodontic treatment in order to prevent uneven discoloration post the removal of braces.

Sugary Foods

When dental plaque is not removed for an extended period, the teeth will undergo demineralization. This process can take place due to consumption of sugary foods that trigger the release of acidic substances by bacteria on the plaque. The enamel of the teeth is at risk of being damaged by certain acids, ultimately leading to tooth vulnerability and the emergence of white spots. If not treated in a timely fashion, demineralization may progress into cavities.

Poor oral hygiene

The American Dental Association recommends a minimum of two daily brushings (preferably with an electric toothbrush) to effectively remove plaque and prevent tooth decay. However, individuals with metal or ceramic braces should also implement an extra brushing after every meal as an added measure of precaution. Maintaining good oral hygiene when wearing braces can be a meticulous task, but brushing after every meal is imperative in order to get rid of any food particles and avoid plaque accumulation. However, it is advisable to wait for around 30 minutes post your meal before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the enamel.


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