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Can wisdom teeth cause sinus problems?

Jun 19, 2023Wisdom Teeth

Can wisdom teeth cause sinus problems?

It is true that wisdom teeth could potentially lead to sinus-related complications, although this is not very common. The manifestations of potential sinus issues triggered by wisdom teeth may range from sinus pressure to headaches and nasal congestion.

Dental problems can arise when the upper jaw’s teeth begin to grow, particularly those situated towards the rear of the oral cavity, directly beneath the sinuses. With the progression of tooth growth and root development, they can potentially exert pressure on the sinuses in close proximity to them. Sinus headaches and stuffiness are frequently associated with wisdom teeth due to the pressure that may develop in the sinuses.


How Do Wisdom Teeth Affect the Sinuses?

The upper wisdom teeth, also known as maxillary wisdom teeth, are found in close proximity to the sinus cavity. With their growth, they exert pressure on the sinus cavity and cause its narrowing.

In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, it is not uncommon for their growth to occur at an unusual angle. As a result, their root may extend towards the sinus, leading to complications like infection and abscess at the root. Failure to address these issues promptly might lead to further complications such as inflammation and pain in the sinuses.

Common dental problems that cause sinus pain

The uppermost row of your dentition lies immediately below the maxillary sinuses located in your cheeks. As a matter of fact, the tooth roots may extend into the sinus cavity. Therefore, in case you are experiencing a toothache, it is likely to lead to discomfort in your sinuses.

Sinus pain is characterized by an unpleasant pressure sensation located behind the skull. The swelling of the regions surrounding the nose, eyes and cheeks may occur, accompanied by nasal congestion.

Sinus conditions are frequently caused as a consequence of an upper respiratory illness such as influenza or a common cold. It is possible to experience discomfort in the upper teeth due to sinus infection and other associated sinus issues. At times, tooth problems can cause symptoms that seem similar to sinus problems. These symptoms may include:

Impacted tooth

An impacted tooth is a dental condition characterized by the failure of a tooth to fully emerge from below the gum line, leading to pressure and discomfort in the jaw area. In some cases, an impacted upper tooth can also hinder the sinus cavity situated over it.

Wisdom teeth

The third set of molars located at the posterior end of your oral cavity is commonly known as wisdom teeth. Typically, a person’s wisdom teeth emerge during their late teens or early twenties, and consequently, they have a higher likelihood of becoming impacted. Should this occur, an impacted wisdom tooth can provoke discomfort in the sinuses and other related conditions.

Abscessed tooth

An infection of the tooth may result in the formation of an abscess causing extreme discomfort. In case the infected tooth is located in the upper jaw, the pain can quickly radiate to the sinuses. Neglecting the condition for an extended period of time could lead to potential sinus infections.


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