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Can invisalign fix overbite?

Jul 17, 2023Orthodontics

Can invisalign fix overbite?

The process of how Invisalign functions is relatively simple to comprehend. Essentially, it involves the use of transparent and detachable aligners that progressively improve the alignment of your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners don’t necessitate brackets or wires. The Invisalign aligners are a discreet orthodontic solution as they are nearly imperceptible and offer a comfortable fit, unlike traditional braces. Furthermore, the price point for Invisalign does not differ significantly from that of braces.

The efficacy of Invisalign in treating overbite is contingent upon factors including the magnitude of severity of the overbite, patient age, and adherence to treatment. Typically, Invisalign is utilized for milder cases of overbite, though it is progressively being considered as a viable option for more severe overbites.


Overbites Cause Problems

An overbite can lead to several physical complications, once it is established. The primary physical problems that may arise due to overbites include:

  • Issues with eating and chewing.
  • Speech impediments (such as lisps).
  • Muscle and jaw strain leading to discomfort and pain in the jaw.

Furthermore, individuals with overbites are at risk of developing complications such as tooth decay and gum disease due to the wearing down of tooth enamel. The impact of lower teeth on the roof of the mouth may cause damage to the surrounding soft tissue. A malocclusion or improper alignment of teeth can lead to numerous problems such as migraines, headaches, joint disorders, arthritis, digestive ailments, and the requirement for dental fillings.

The type of orthodontic treatment you require heavily depends on whether the overbite stems from jaw positioning or dental alignment.

Individuals, regardless of age group, may develop an overbite due to hereditary factors or prolonged childhood behaviors. Seeking counsel from a specialist orthodontist with robust expertise is the optimal means of determining the most suitable treatment plan. Correction of overbite using clear aligners can be considered as a discreet alternative to the conventional method of metal bracket and wire braces.


Fixing your Overbite with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are widely favored as an effective orthodontic treatment for fixing several dental issues, such as underbites and overbites.

Invisalign, a prominent brand of clear aligners supplied to dental practitioners, provides a viable solution for straightening your teeth without the use of brackets and wires. Through this procedure, a sequence of clear, individualized and detachable trays commonly known as aligners are provided to you. These trays have been crafted out of transparent plastic, thereby rendering them a discreet alternative compared to other dental treatment choices.

By incorporating pioneering 3D graphics and technology with the scientific discipline of orthodontics which has existed for over a century, the Invisalign system offers an innovative solution. Its aligners are created to gradually shift your teeth into a precise straight alignment through meticulous adjustments, resulting in an optimally aligned final outcome. The aligners are engineered and produced with utmost precision to perfectly suit your teeth throughout the course of your therapy. Every set of trays systematically exerts force on your teeth, urging them towards a fresh alignment.

Upon evaluation of your dental condition, if deemed fitting for Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist will proceed to conduct x-rays and 3D dental impressions. With this information, a personalized aligner set and accompanying treatment approach will be digitally created to specifically cater to your unique requirements.

Every other week, you will change your existing orthodontic tray with the succeeding tray in succession, thereby gradually shifting your teeth. As time passes, your protrusion of the upper front teeth will decrease, and you can anticipate a more robust and well-aligned set of teeth.

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